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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

LoL! Another Ignorant "Argument" Against Intelligent Design

Robin, from the TSZ ilk, has hit a new low. Robin sez that because living organisms don't come with replacement parts they aren't intelligently designed! Can you believe that bit of amazing stupidity and ignorance?

Too bad Robin doesn't have a mechanism capable of producing living organisms. Nor does Robin have a mechanism capable of producing eukaryotes given starting populations of prokaryotes. All Robin has is the ability to spew bullshit, lie, misrepresent and equivocate.

And they wonder why we call them "evoTARDs"...

The only reason to doubt ID would be due to the fact that blind and mindless processes have been shown to produce what ID says required an intelligent designer. Absent that why would anyone take the claims of evolution by means of blind and mindless processes seriously?

Sunday, August 06, 2017

OMagain Proudly Willfully Ignorant

OMagain is one pathetically clueless ignoramus. Its new post is on how ID says the eye originated. Earth to OMagain- ID says that eyes originated by intentional design. The problem is OM is all upset because its position doesn't have a scientific explanation for eyes so it tries to take it out on ID.

Evolutionism is the position that claims to have a step-by-step process for producing systems like the vision system. All we are doing is asking for it. On the other hand ID does NOT make such a claim and as such doesn't need to support it. OMagain is too stupid to be able to understand that.

What ID has is a step-by-step process for determining intentional design exists. And when applied to eyes/ vision systems they churn out of the process as intentionally designed systems and parts.

If OMagain had any balls all he has to do is demonstrate that blind and mindless processes, like natural selection and drift, can produce eyes and vision systems and the ID claim is falsified. But OMagain will never do that. Not one evolutionary biologist will ever do that. That is because theirs is a dogma not subject to scientific testing.

OMagain, constantly proving that evolutionists are willfully ignorant cowards.